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Classic VW Specialists


Tel.  07789 681 739


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Unit 4, Newton Industrial Estate,

Irongray Road,

DUMFRIES, Scotland



Restoration & Servicing ....... price list to follow very soon

Mobile mechanical repairs & Pre-purchase inspections carried out nationwide - any tasks from fitting a new starter motor to engine removal & new cylinder heads for example fitted in your own driveway.


Please bear in mind that the mobile service should technically carry the same hourly workshop rate for travel to and from your location plus fuel but trying to help customers slightly i don't charge the full rate to come to you.  

A typical trip to Edinburgh for example is around £80 to cover fuel and some but not all of my travelling time before any work is carried out on your vehicle.

If possible having your vehicle brought to our workshop is always preferred incase further parts or unforseen work is required which can often be the case with these old vehicles!


Competitive rate of £40 per hour on all work, no vat applied.